Google rankings have become an illusive holy grail for many businesses – big and small alike, and a lot of digital marketing companies will feed on your desire to be “#1 on Google”. But the truth is, is that it has become all but impossible to guarantee such a position. Instead, it has grown imperative to diversify ones online portfolio in order to be found in a variety of ways.

A New Kind of “Top Position”
Being on the top page of Google isn’t the only position worth vying for online. There are a variety of ways consumers are now searching for businesses, which largely includes social media.

Having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other such social sites, is a way for people to find out about your business’s personality without having to set foot in your store. In fact, your storefront now largely begins with your online presence, as this is where people are seeking you out first and foremost.

Top of Mind Marketing
Being top of mind is vital when vying for position in a competitive marketplace. No matter if you’re a massive corporation well known worldwide, or a local business frequented within your community, branding your company should be a pursuit that is sought out without interruption.

Between social media, email campaigns, blog content and website updates all including sales, promotions and a call to action being prominently displayed, these are all areas one must take advantage within their digital marketing strategies to earn a top position with your end-users.

Also, keep in mind, that although a lot of people consider the online world to offer quick results, it will take time and due diligence to obtain and retain this top of mind position, but it’s entirely doable, worthwhile, and even affordable.

At Net360 Solutions, we’re here to provide you with solutions that lead to results. Our guarantee is that we work hard to stay on top of changing and emerging trends, and will provide you with content that reflects the tone of your company, create a call to action, and brings customers to your door.

Allow us to show you the difference our digital marketing strategies can make for your business, and get you on your way to greater success. We look forward to it!