Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is much like a smart phone, it changes and adapts to the user. So too, as the World Wide Web grows and the viewing patterns of the global audience alters, Google and other such search engines take notice, and they alter the ways in which businesses are found accordingly.

As a local leader in the digital marketing business, it is our responsibility to ensure we are staying in stride with the ever-changing ideologies of Google, and keeping business websites on par with their expectations.

That being said, there is a lot of competition in the SEO industry around the Lower Mainland and world wide, promising things they frankly cannot deliver on. Making guarantees about the nature of the Internet, is like being able to predict the behaviour of an infant. It’s impossible.

Granted there are ways in which to stay on top of emerging trends, and watch for variations in how businesses are being found through any given search engine, but there is yet to be a way to guarantee success of any business as it pertains to digital marketing and the ever-changing entity therein.

Staying On Top

Everyone wants to stay on the top, which includes being on top of the first page of Google – of course, we get it. But there are a variety of ways you can stay on top, be found, and maintain brand recognition outside of search engines.

One of which being to utilize social media. Social media is a search engine unto itself. With hashtags, word of mouth, and even using sites such as Pinterest to specifically find a product or service, companies are tapping into these resources and gaining popularity in ways that are resulting in end-users, bringing with them – business.

Staying top of mind is also a way to stay on top. Ensuring you have an Email Marketing Plan, that you keep your website content fresh, and that your blog is regularly contributed to. Although this might have dollars dancing in your head in terms of cost projections, you would be surprised at how relatively affordable all this is, with real time results you can monitor and gain feedback on.

Unlike traditional media that had no true way of telling you who was looking at your ad when, their age group and area of location …digital marketing can do that. Psychographics and demographics and other such things are no longer guesswork compiled by research companies, rather they are real time analytics put together by a reliable source – a non-biased computer.

At Net360 Solutions, we’re here to provide you with solutions that lead to results. Our guarantees are that we work hard to stay on top of changing and emerging trends, and will provide you with content that reflects the tone of your company, create a call to action, and brings customers to your door. Allow us to show you the difference our “no guarantee” method can make, when business is conducted from the standpoint of hard data the propels your marketing plan. We look forward to it!