Having a website is one thing, but creating an effective website for 2017 is an entirely different thing altogether. What is the difference you ask? Allow us to explain…

Static Website vs. Interactive Website
A lot of companies will put up a “landing page” style website, which offers a simple at-a-glance site telling of their products or services. This was initially an acceptable way to be found online, but modern digital marketing can take this simple landing page, and turn it into a platform where you can be found in a Google search via the types of products or services you offer. This is important as it takes your company from only being known to the people you introduce yourself to, to a whole other level of potential customers searching for your specific type of business.

Building Your Online Audience with a Layered Approach
Your website should further enhance your brand recognition, offering top-of-mind positioning through a variety of outlets, and it should be working for you even when you’re business is not open. This is actually the beauty of an effective website – it is an affordable 24/7 employee when it is set up correctly.

Unique Selling Features for Your Website
Personality sells, and although a lot of people think a website is a generic list of facts and figures, nothing could be further than the truth when it comes to maximizing your company brand.

Having well written content on your website is the basis for keeping people on your site. Then, by enhancing your site with an informative blog, sending readers to your social media sites where they can find your latest sales and promotions, and then bouncing them back to your site to close the deal (“call now!” or “shop online!” prompter), is all part of the digital marketing mix that will have people taking notice of your company, gaining you customers, and helping your retain the ones you already have.

Programming Your Online Success
Digital marketing has become a highly targeted, sophisticated way to sell, and building your brand in 2017 is about tapping into the needs and wants of your customers, offering a voice that also lends an ear, and converting online visitors into customers through the relationship marketing tools that the online world now provides.

If this sounds like something our company would like to embark on, Net 360 Solutions can provide you with a variety of digital marketing tools that can benefit your business, set you apart from the competition, and make you a current “must have” for 2017!