Instagram is an image-based social media site that is capable of telling a story about your brand. However, businesses need to know that your Instagram caption, and the hashtags that follow, play an important role in increasing their exposure and engagement. Which Net 360 Solutions is going to explain in this post regarding: “The Importance of Instagram Content for Your Business”!

Instagram Captions Explained

An Instagram caption is a description of your photo, speaking to its purpose. It should also include emojis, tags of anyone who might be a part of your visual story, and hashtags. 

Captions that get the most engagements are those that ask for a response, such as:

  • Tag a friend …i.e.“tag someone you know would love this offer!”
  • Ask a question …i.e. “what kind of home renovations are YOU looking for?”
  • Tell people to click on your website link in your bio

You want your Instagram audience to…

  1. respond in some way to your post
  2. share your post
  3. be prompted to buy your product or service

Instagram Caption Character Limit

Instagram gives you up to 2200 characters to write a caption– which equals around 300 words.

This is your chance to write a worthwhile short story of sorts, making it fun and light with descriptive emojis.

Understand Your Instagram Theme

Knowing your Instagram theme means – knowing which colours, filters and content you want to post to keep you brand consistent. Your Instagram account is suppose to be an extension of your business, so be sure to make it appear as such.

Things to consider when creating an Instagram theme include…

  • Colours that you want your audience associating with your brand
  • Image types that you want to create through your content (products, services, travel – using your products during travel, etc)
  • Filters that you will consistently use to build your pages appeal and continuity

Field House Brewing an excellent example of local Abbotsford company that uses consistent filters, which offers almost a vintage appeal, and they keep that consistent. Whereas Canva’sInstagram account plays with colour and uses a gradient theme, displaying this creative company’s outlet well. 

Objective for your Instagram marketing should also be top of mind, and will include one or more of the following: more sales, more followers, more engagements.

Lastly, understand your “hashtag theme”. Do you want to include…

  • Branded hashtags which exclusively represent your brand
  • Industry hashtags which are relevant to your business type
  • Niche hashtags that extend past #photographer to things like #fashionphotographer
  • Location hashtags which associate with where you are, your overall city, as well as your community and any trending hashtags that are relevant to that community
  • Event or holidays hashtags which are self-explanatory

If your business is looking for another powerful way to promote your business online, social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram & YouTube are several examples of social platforms that allow you to build an online communities of individuals that share similar interests. These communities can become a powerful means to interact with prospective customers, helping you gain valuable feedback and further brand your business.

Curious how Net 360 Solutions can help? Allow our Social Media Marketing professionals to design a targeted social media program for your business, keeping you current and helping you brand and build your business through modern musts!