How to Make Your Social Media Content Work for You

Social Media Content

According to an eMarketer study, 71% of internet users access social networks at least once a month. And with over 2 billion people using various social media platforms, tapping into this marketing mogul with social media content is important.

Curious about ways you can create attention on your platform of choice? Check out these straight forward tips…

How to Make Your Social Media Content Work for You

There are some simple ways in which you can make your social media work for you, which include:

Improve Your Content

Your social media content is only as good as your visuals and copy. Great images or attention grabbing videos can create return viewership and increase engagement.

Keep it Simple

Ensure your images have minimal to no copy on them.

Show Your Face

People tend to be attracted to posts that include people-centric face photos. Humanizing your brand with employee or customer photos matters. So getting snapping!

Create Videos

Whether uploading a reel or adding a video – moving content is an eye-catching way that also enhances viewership and retains engagement.


We’re kidding! But finding content you love, and then creating a similar feel or layout for your brand, will help you streamline the style of content you want.

Implement Your Why

Simon Sinek does an excellent job at helping people understand their why. As a business marketing your brand online, people need to know WHY they should choose you. From your story to your product – it all matters.

Call to Action

Last but definitely not least – have a call to action. You want to make it as simple as possible for people to click through to your website, locate your phone number, find your address etc.

Ready to get started? As mentioned on our social media content marketing pageSocial platforms – like Facebook and Instagram – can help connect you with your customers, and offers an effective means to directly advertise to your target market.
Our team of experts can show you how your business can benefit from this cost-effective and powerful marketing medium.