Modern SEO Practices

Having a website is imperative to doing business in today’s marketplace. Whether people are trying to locate your company, or they want more information before making the journey to find you – your website and all the additional portals it offers is going to be your end-users #1 source of information.

Branding Basics
Branding your business is an ongoing initiative that is all about ensuring your brand is seen by the public, but how your brand is perceived is based largely on your marketing initiatives – which first include your overall design concept, and then bleeds into your website content and the voice it is written in.

Content vs. Clutter
If you have a potential end-user arriving at your website and they have to sift through a bunch of clutter to uncover who you are as a business, what your company offers, and why your product or service will benefit them – it is likely you will lose their interest quickly, and your bounce rate will be high.

You “bounce rate” can be a good barometer of how people perceive your website, and if your website visitors are coming and going quickly, there is quite likely something on your site that needs changing – and quickly.

Positive Marketing Practices
Where once website’s were layered with backend content, popup ads and signup sheets, as well as heavily laden with keywords and phrases, now it is more about the layering effect. Which is to say, having a website that offers multiple social media channels and ways for visitors to connect, delivers platforms and options for your visitors that will keeps them engaged based on their preferences, helping to keep your company top of mind and have potential customers linger on your site or social media pages long enough to make a buying decision.

Good web design and digital marketing services can have a substantial and positive impact on your revenue, drive targeted traffic to your business and convert that traffic into buyers.

At Net 360 Solutions, we provide a wide-range of digital marketing services from our local Langley office, and offer online exposure and solutions that can benefit your business beyond just having a basic website. Allow us to help set your company apart from the competition, and lead you into the 2nd half of 2017 with better branding initiatives and an increased customer base!