Why Businesses Shouldn’t Fear Online Feedback

In an era where our personal and professional lives are beginning to become very public, some businesses want to take a backseat with being “over-exposed” online, and resist feedback and/or reviews with an open forum online.

However, there is much to be said about ‘Why Businesses Shouldn’t Fear Online Feedback’, and we’re here to tell you just a couple of those things!

Don’t Underestimate Modern Consumers

The worry is usually that a “bad review” and/or “poor comment” will have your business spiraling. But the truth is, is that modern consumers are a lot more knowledgeable than that. Those who read reviews are already seeking to employ your services, so they won’t stop at the first sign of “trouble”. Instead – they will read through what multiple people have to say and make their buying decisions accordingly.

As well, a bad review or comment will not deter the clients you want, but it will remove the ones who could be additionally problematic.

If you reply to your online reviews and comments, this service alone (as it truly is a digital service) shows potential customers that you take them seriously, their concerns matter, and they will be treated fairly with attention to detail.

So don’t underestimate modern consumers; most will overlook poor reviews based on personal perception, but many may not overlook a company that hides comments or reviews for fear of exactly that – that you have something to hide.

Opening the Lines of Communication With Your Customers

In-person interactions are diminishing, so without a line of communication open to your customers online, all forms of interactions will be lost – as will a lot of your customers.

Don’t fall victim to the fear of victimhood. It is fairly easy to rise above the online clutter, but without a place where your customers comments and questions can be made, it will also become easy to fade into the background when other like-businesses are using their platforms with confidence, and are willing to have those online conversations with their customers. 

If you have been looking for a powerful way to promote your business online, Net 360 Solutions can help open those lines of communication with confidence. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are just a few examples of social networking websites that allow you to build online communities of people that share similar interests and activities. These communities can become powerful means to interact with prospective customers and gain valuable feedback.

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