Facebook Algorithms

Much of digital marketing jargon sounds Greek to most people, and the term “Facebook Algorithms” likely sounds like full-blown babble. But when it comes to marketing your business, it is important to know how things are working for your business and why. Which is why Net 360 Solutions wants to explain “What’s the Deal With Facebook Algorithms?”!

Mark Zuckerberg – the Mastermind Behind ‘the System’

As you likely know, Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of Facebook, and he continues to play an integral role in this social media giant.

Recently, Mark posted on his own personal Facebook page that he wanted to help better grow personal relationships by changing the way we see information displayed on our newsfeed. After all, we can likely all agree we started our personal Facebook accounts to keep up with our family and friends, not to see the latest Starbucks ad.

That being said, as a business owner, it is clearly important that people are seeing your ads and having a positive experience when they do so. Which is what Mark is looking to accomplish – combining business with pleasure in a more pleasurable, user-friendly, connected way.

This all goes back to algorithms, and why businesses need to be aware of why (and how) advertising methods might change, and why your digital marketing gurus (us!) may be suggesting a new way of conveying your message.

Some new suggestions may include…

Create a Conversation

Perhaps this term is overused in the marketing world today, but it still remains true. Creating an online conversation will have your customers feeling like they’re having a personal experience, increasing the likelihood of them using your business or service because of this connection. So don’t shrink back by asking questions or prompting ideas online – people want to be heard and want to know they are being heard (or read).

Get Your Live Video On

A terrifying thought for most, but offering a “Facebook live” (video) every now and then will not only show your customers how real your company is, it also feeds into Facebook’s algorithms …which basically means, it’s good for your business.

Give It and They Will Come

Giveaways are still a HUGE part of gaining trust, interest and branding your business in a positive way. Everyone wants something for free …so don’t be afraid to give it (whatever “it” might be …cash, gift cards, products) to them …regularly!

If you have read this entire post and it remained “Greek”, we have good news for you. Net 360 Solutions can happily provide you with affordable and effective social media maintenance simply by clicking HERE! We look forward to connecting with you soon…