Target Audience Web Marketing

As mentioned in our blog post ‘Create a Digital Marketing Strategy that Works for Your Fall Objectives; your target audience matters to your business as they are the end users. But so too does speaking their language in order to appeal to your demographic and their buying habits.

Know Who You’re Speaking To

All the strategies in the world won’t matter if you’re not speaking your customer’s language. Whether you have a highly technical business that a lot of trades people need to decipher as a buying influencer, or you run a boutique spa that you want to begin attracting a male customer-base to; the tone you use on each of your digital platforms matters.

Putting your audience at the heart of your efforts will create a uniform tone, as well as speak to the specific audience who intends to use your products or service.

If your content is too technical or too “girl-spa-centric”, you could be excluding a lot of end-users unnecessarily – and we’re here to help ensure you don’t make that mistake.

Attracting Your Target Audience Includes:

  • Catering to your customers emotional needs.
  • Uncovering their buying habits or desires – both conscious and unconscious.
  • Asking yourself (or them!) – what problem can you help them solve?
  • Identify their influencers – peers, family, coworkers etc.

Also, while going about this, make sure to keep your budget in mind. Ensuring you understand where your budget lies before you begin narrowing down your digital marketing plan, will allow you to more effectively target the right audience for your business type, and streamline your efforts from the start.

Take stock of what has worked for your company in the past and communicate this to your digital marketing team. Perhaps some great leads were generated via Facebook ads, or your presence on Instagram brought interested buyers to your storefront; or maybe your SEO efforts really paid off in being found easily by your customers. All these previous real-time results can help us put together the ideal digital marketing plan for you, working within your budget and fulfilling your desired outcome.

Don’t forget to also make it a team effort. Ask your employees what they have heard customers talk about and how they have found your business, or what promotion really paid off. Employees are often an untapped marketing brainstorm group, and as such – are truly worth asking their thoughts, opinions and experiences with your customer base.

At Net 360 Solutions, our Digital Marketing team in Langley is here to help you brand your business with a consistent presence and tone online, bringing your digital marketing strategy to life and tailoring your platforms to attract your target audience …and we look forward to helping you do so this fall!