FB Exposure

Facebook is the Mecca of social media platforms, with nearly 2 billion – yes we said BILLION, active users filtering through the site daily. It is the most utilized social media forum, and as such, businesses are choosing to use it as an added means to market their products and services as part of their online marketing agenda.

That being said, it is one thing to have a presence on social networks, but another thing entirely to have your Facebook audience exposed to and engaged with your content. Which is why Net 360 Solutions would like to share these ‘Top Tools to Increase Exposure and Engagement on Facebook’, in order to explain what it takes to be an engaging part of this platform.

Target an Audience Specific to Your Brand
As of around 2015, Facebook began making changes to their algorithms, and as such – businesses started to see their ads performing differently. With so much competition and content to be displayed within a Facebook, this social media giant now suggest companies really narrow down their target audience to not only age and location, but preferences based on target keywords.

Be Time Sensitive With Your Postings
Facebook is endlessly doing market research, which is of great benefit to those marketing with them. Within this research, it was concluded that the best time to post is either early in the morning (before 8am) or later in the evening (8pm – midnight). The reason behind this is fairly simple: people tend to check their Facebook before work and later in the evening when they are relaxing at home. This is when people are the most engaged in their news feed, and not just mindlessly scrolling through during their lunch hour.

Alternately, regular daytime hours on weekends also is a great time for engagement, as less businesses maintain their pages over the weekend, offering added exposure and less clutter to contend with.

Video Killed the Regular Star
Posting videos also adds to the engagement factor, quickly capturing audience attention and effortlessly playing automatically on any given news feed.

However, make sure you are directly posting videos from your device, and not simply sharing from YouTube or other portals, as this will ensure it plays automatically.

If possible, create videos that play off of your recent blog posts, or upload a video that can help viewers utilize your product or service, or address FAQ within your video to best optimize your engagement factor.

In addition, if your company has someone available to utilize the ‘Facebook Live’ video feature, it has been reported that people will watch this style of video 3-times longer due to the nature of it being live, creating the idea of importance.

Which begs to mention, if you ARE going to generate a live video, know what the subject matter is, how responses are going to be handled, and the length of time in which you will be live.

Offer Awesome Content
Awesome content is definitely subjective, but what we mean when we say this, is to ensure you are utilizing attention-grabbing images with a short written blurb to go with it.

Visuals are 40-times more likely to get shared than simple words on a screen – so make every post count by making them ridiculously awesome and share-worthy.

Fast Facts…
– YouTube & Facebook are the most viewed websites after Google
– There are over 1.8 Billion users on Facebook Worldwide
– Canadians spend more than 36 hours/month online – more than any other Nation
– The majority or mobile internet users in Canada visit Social Media websites

If you feel your company currently only has a presence on social media, and would like to change that in order to maximize your online returns, allow our Online Marketing Professionals to design a targeted social media program today, and help you increase your engagement and business as a whole!