Top Digital Marketing Trends: 2021

digital marketing trends 2021

With a worldwide pandemic still altering how businesses operate, Net 360 Solutions has been working diligently to help local businesses continue to thrive. Across the Lower Mainland many companies have had to pivot how they serve their customers, and their digital marketing agenda has played a big part in how they do so.

Products are moving swiftly to online platforms, and services are also being offered virtually when and where they can. In addition, a remote working environment has become a highly popular method of conducting business, and all signs point to these and other such Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 that we want to expand on.

Engage to Retain Your Customers in 2021

It typically costs less to maintain your existing customer base than to earn new ones. Which is why marketing experts recommend keeping your customers engaged and returning for more. Happy customers tend to share their experience with friends – both within any given online platform, as well as in person.

Right now, especially, keeping loyal customers is key to the success of any business. Also known as ‘retention’, this is what usually fuels 80% of business, with the other 20% being attracting a new customer base.

Both are clearly important with the ebbs and flows of seasonal business, and it definitely makes generating and engaging with online traffic more important – which is where we see the trend moving (online) in mass-exodus fashion.

Buying audiences, and businesses along with them, have quickly moved their dollars to online platforms, and purchasing products and services from the comfort and safety of one’s home is now – seemingly, the preferred method.

In fact, reported that 24% of marketing budgets (in the US) went up 13% from last year, with social media platforms being a heavy hitter. Which makes sense, as that is the top platform for engagement and where most customers can be found.

This will remain a growing trend for 2021 within a medium buyers are frequently visiting, so don’t miss out!

Optimize Your Content for 2021

Google listings, Google My Business and SEO (search engine optimization) remain highly important for small businesses.

Verified local listings through Google My Business allow customers to quickly and easily locate your business, uncover your hours, find out about your services – and much more.

These such directories are something we can help you set up and maintain, and often mean a massive difference between customers finding you – or not.

Google prioritizes their algorithms based on their platforms, so having an ‘SEO master’ spearheading this for you is well-worth budgeting for.

The Growing Importance of Online Communication in 2021

Brand recognition and brand loyalty are key when it comes to your bottom dollar. So, not only is ensuring your products are readily available and visually appealing important, but also having a customer service rep available for remote Q&A’s is also vital.

With many working from home, this is the time to ramp up your customer service availability. You can do so by offering a dedicated staff base ready to answer emails, social media messages, phone calls – and any other form of communication you choose to utilize.

Far less (if any) in-person interactions are now happening for businesses, so being available outside of such human-to-human contact has become increasingly important and will continue to grow in 2021.

Staying relevant is key for 2021, and this is one way to stay on top of – if not ahead of, the trend.

These are just a handful of trends Net 360 Solutions can assist you with in 2021. We would love to have a conversation with you to help you further understand the many benefits your online presence can offer, and how it can work for you affordably and effectively in the coming year.

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