Social Media Marketing

Whether you have taken on the social media marketing challenge for your business yourself, or you are looking to outsource it to local experts such as Net 360 Solutions; these are the ‘Top 5 Social Media Marketing Musts’ that we want our reading audience to know.

  1. Create Goals

Your goals should involve eliminating challenges; whether that involves something as simple as the challenge of time and actually posting helpful information to your social media sites, or you are looking for ways to increase your audience …social media requires an active involvement and goal setting to achieve success in this forum.


  1. Response Marketing

Which leads us to “response marketing” – which is the task of responding to those who messages you on social media or makes a comment on your wall; both of which should be responded to in a timely manner, helping with all manner of customer service, opinions, as well as reviews.


  1. Ramp Up Your Request for Reviews

Reviews are becoming increasingly important to Google, as this audience-building tool helps to “verify” your products and services, and builds trust for potential customers. Even if you have a poor review, responding to it plays a HUGE part in defusing a concern, and also shows onlookers that you’re an accountable company looking out for the best interest of those who invest with you, regardless of opinions about their experience.


  1. Understanding Your Return On Investment

No matter what avenues you take to market your business, it is clearly important to see a return on your investment. Often a company will want to quantify ROI based on dollars and cents, but it is also important to look at your audience growth on social media, interactions therein, and reviews taking place, as these play a big role in your overall online success leading to a call to action.


  1. Look To Your Neighbour

Lastly, don’t be afraid to look to your neighbour to see what they are doing. A business similar to yours, which appears to be doing well on social media, can offer insight into ways to tailor your content. Although you can’t always tell if a company has promoted any given post on their social media site to get the response they have, you can see WHAT is getting a response, and then fall in step with that (without copying it, as that’s poor decorum for any business), saving you time, and utilizing a mold that already works.

Social media is a part of the digital marketing landscape where your company can further brand their business and grow their market. If you are having a difficult time with this, or simply don’t have the time to implement it – Net 360 Solutions would love to help. Our Internet Marketing professionals will design a targeted social media program for you, and ensure you are maximizing your efforts to promote your business in a positive and affordable way!