Capitalizing on the holiday season is a common practice for business owners as it is often a peak season for all, and with so many ways to promote your business to the right buying audience, it can sometimes be difficult to know which marketing tools will have your company recognized ahead of your competition.

So at Net 360 Solutions, we’re here to help provide you with what we know to be the Top 2 Digital Marketing Tools for the Holidays!

Making the Holidays Happier with Social Media Marketing
Finding out how your consumers locate your business and where they spend their time funneling through various marketing objectives, is all part of an effective marketing plan. But unless you have an in-house marketing team and a very large budget – that is a tall order for most businesses.

This is why social media has become the fastest growing medium for marketing, as is one of the easiest ways to generate interest, find a rapt audience, and sell to the right buying market that live in your area. And with the marketing tools that Facebook has now implemented within their site for businesses to take advantage of, it is truly one of the top ways in which you can be found, brand your business, and offer to-the-minute sales and promotions.

Although there are multiple social media platforms beyond Facebook such as: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube – and others, Facebook is often the one we most frequently lead our customers to for quick and effective results, with the other outlets being excellent add-ons for SEO purposes.

Hop on the Email Marketing Train for the Holidays
Email marketing is a great way to target your holiday consumers. Being such a busy season, people often don’t want to tackle traffic or crowds, so by offering them sales and promotions directly to their inbox, they’re able to see what you have to offer before having to venture out.

It’s important to design your emails in a way that prompts your readers to act – whether that means offering them a time-sensitive coupon to print off to make shopping at your store more desirable over another, following a link to your Facebook page for a “daily deal”, or sending them on to your website for more product information so they can find exactly what they want without too much effort, helps solve a time-crunch and cash-flow problem most consumers face during the holidays.

At Net 360 Solution, we know that social media and email marketing both offer a powerful way to gain results. So allow us to help your business with either or both marketing tools this holiday season by filling out our online contact form, or phone: (604) 510-0011 to get your program started today!