Value-based products and services are the only products and services that matter to most every consumer today. “What’s in it for me” has not lost it’s ring of truth, and anyone looking to your business will be immediately curious about why your company is worth choosing over another similar company.

Grab Attention – Gain an Audience

When commercials started to hit the airwaves circa 1950, everyone paid attention. Marketing via TV was a transpiring means of traditional marketing. So pretty much any and every marketing method and approach worked in gaining an audience.

That being said, traditional media today is largely tuned out. It has its time and place and level of effectiveness for certain, but the majority of people will immediately turn to their digital devices once a TV commercial comes on, checking in on their social media activity, or simply browsing any business they suddenly have an interest in looking up.

So as consumers roam the variety of platforms that are attempting to capture their attention, ensure you are present and offering attention grabbing, value-based content within each blog, post and update you are creating.

Funny and Furry Go a Long Way

Audiences of all ages can relate to funny and furry. As in, if you post a pop-culture meme or YouTube clip – it is likely to gain an audience. In the same way, animals have statistically been shown to gather the most response. For whatever reason, we enjoy humanizing the cute acts of kittens and puppies and squirrels and elephants everywhere …so if you’re stuck on social media ideas, consider the simplistic value of funny and furry!

At Net360 Solutions, we understand the incredible importance of value. We do our best in helping our clients understand that making major marketing decisions around short-term gains will not be valuable to their invested digital marketing dollars. Rather, we offer plans that can help them affordably reach their long-term goals of retention and consistency that will pay off more in the end.

So as we move forward into the 2016 marketing year, ensure you are marketing in a manner that consumers are responding to, and that you are willing to bunker down for the long-game of gaining great clients, not just clients endlessly looking for great deals!