Depending on your business type, Pinterest is an excellent social media platform to add to your digital marketing plan. You can build an engaged audience, tailoring your content to your target market, building brand awareness, helping drive traffic to your website, and furthering your sales efforts.

So …What Sets Pinterest Apart from Other Social Sites?

Pinterest has become one of the top search engines that offers visual appeal – which people LOVE. This results in an engaged audience who will view your images for long periods of time, and click through to your site based on what appeals to them.

By optimizing your content on Pinterest, you can also push your reach further, receiving more views, saves and ultimately – brand awareness.

Pinterest Audience’s Are Unlike Any Other

Pinterest reports that they reach 83% of all women 25-54 in the US who are responsible for 80% of household buying decisions.

This alone makes Pinterest a powerful platform, targeting the buying decision makers who even use Pinterest as a planner for “life moments”, making Pinterest a worthwhile consideration for your marketing strategy.

Pinterest is a Slow-Burner with Long-Lasting Results

Although a post might not receive rapid-fire likes like Instagram or Facebook, it’s search engine methods allow your pins to be liked, saved and shared until the end of time – literally. 

Unsure how to manage it? Well, you can keep your page current and brand awareness going by creating and saving content on your Pinterest boards, which can be scheduled with programs such as ‘Later’ of via one of our social media experts... or you can hire a company such a Net 360 Solutions, to help!

Successful Pinterest Accounts Include:

  • Original pins that stand out
  • Consistent branding methods such as: colour, font, and logo, in order to create an esthetically pleasing layout that is recognizable as your brand
  • Creating your pins in a 2:3 format (1000 x 1500 pixels), because according to Pinterest: “Other ratios may cause your Pin to get truncated, or may negatively impact performance.”
  • Adding engaging text within your pins themselves, as the body of text should be utilized for SEO purposes
  • Being seasonally relevant so that you come up in searches based on the time of year, including your text, headline and image itself

Also, Make Sure Your Pinterest Re-Pins…

  • Reflects your brand
  • Delivers pins from an original creator who is aligned with your brand
  • Adds value to your audience

Create Optimized Pinterest Content By:

  • Adding keywords to your pin title
  • Adding 5-10 keywords and 3-5 hashtags to your pin description
  • Using the Pinterest keyword research tool
  • Inviting influencers and other brands by using the “edit your board” function and adding collaborators as you see fit
  • Creating ads to promote pins
  • Creating highly shareable pins
  • Cross promoting
  • Using analytics
  • Adding feature boards

Curious to know more, or prefer to have one of our social media experts handle your social media platforms for you? Net 360 Solutions can help! Give us a call or send us a message, and see how this affordable medium can help brand, build and create sales for your business.