Technology is Transforming the Way We Do Business – How Not to Get Left Behind!

Across our communities and around the globe, technology is transforming the way we do business. As a local digital marketing company in Langley, Net 360 Solutions would like to help businesses understand how not to get left behind with these changing times. We provide guidance and affordable solutions to our business community at large, delivering digital marketing services where and when needed.

As such, we have a variety of question to pose, helping you to think about these changing times and how technology can help your company stay current.

What is the Purpose of Your Business?

This may seem like a silly question, but right now asking ‘what is the purpose of your business’ could provide a question that requires answering in a new way.

Where once your business may have provided an opportunity for locals to come shop in-store, ask questions and gain a tactile experience; now you may want to uncover how you can transform that into an online experience through various technology and digital marketing tools.

Are You Prepared to Invest in Technology?

Once you can decide on how your business can translate over onto a digital platform, deciding on if and how much you are prepared to invest in technology will contribute to the final outcome.

Whether choosing to allow a digital marketing company, such as ours, go to task with bringing your business into the 2021 model of online marketing, or investing in cameras and video equipment to capture how your buying audience might use a product or service you offer from their home – there are many ideas to considering before invest in technology and the outcome intended.

Is Your Staff Ready for the Transition?

Perhaps these changing times require additional staff training at your store location. Or perhaps it is necessary to build your business from various home offices. Getting your staff prepared for transitioning your company to a more online-friendly platform is important.

So …

Involve them in the process.

Ask for their input.

Uncover what each employee brings to the table to invest in this transition, and then work together as a team to bring it to fruition.

When employees feel part of the plan, they tend to invest more and feel pride in what they are doing, creating a winning environment for everyone.

Does the Transformation Require Rebranding?

If you have been offering in-person services, it is also important to ask yourself if your company will require rebranding.

Businesses should not be afraid to rebrand, as it can provide a fresh platform from which to make your company thrive, while also helping your community do the same. Pivoting during these times will ensure everyone stays – not only afloat, but capable of making a difference.

Small efforts can make a big impact, and we’re here to help you with your ‘technology transformation’ in any way we can! Contact us for a FREE assessment of your digital marketing plan, and rewrite your future in a beneficial way for 2021.

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