Whether your business is new to the online genre, or has had an online presence for some time now, Net360 Solutions ensures your site stays in step with the trends that affect your Google ranking.

In August and September of 2012 alone, Google made 65 updates to their algorithm processes, which impacts the general landscape of what makes a website rise to the top of a Google search.

With a strong understanding of emerging trends, it is also important to understand the main drivers behind Google’s never-ending changes, serving our clients with the most current results for searchers.

No matter how long you have been in business, today’s Internet savvy surfers are locating your products and services in many different ways. It’s our job to understand these algorithms as it relates to our customers, and for you to benefit from our know-how.

Here are just a few reasons why SEO is the cornerstone for your website, and how it pertains to you.

Quality Is The New Quantity

We are of the age where computers can actually decipher the quality of your content. This isn’t to say the machines are sitting down with a cup of coffee in hand, and reading your content word for word. But rather, computers now have the ability to decipher grammar and spelling, and whether or not your content is simply just “content heavy”, or if it is quality content that people are interested in reading.

Google Knows

Your ranking comes from quality content, and if your site engages in tactics that violate certain guidelines – they will be removed.

Location is to real estate, what content is to your website. As such, we ensure that we have an editorial process in place, keeping your website relevant and topic driven.

Sociable Content

We have addressed the factual necessities of quality content, and the functional necessities of Google’ability. Now it is time for us to address the sociable content behind what drives Google, and parks your site information on page #1 of a Google search.

Perhaps you love it, or possibly you’re exhausted by it – either way, the fact remains that social media is a necessary part of your websites initiative.

Google has started to build social signals into search algorithms, and Facebook announced plans to develop a search feature using their wealth of social data. Facebook has constructed an interconnected graph of 1 billion human interrelationships, likes and preferences. Privacy issues aside, this is a strategic asset that will impact the future of searches.

It is clear that consumers don’t want just the facts, but are increasingly drawn to the opinions and experiences of their peers. So it’s no surprise that high rankings in Google are now also attributed to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We’ve only just begun to see how this plays out.

The Extinction Of “The End”

As Google continues to experiment with structuring its information to improve the searcher’s experience, marketers and IT professionals alike will need to craft content that performs well and motivates searchers to go beyond the results page to read the full story.

The fact remains that, developing relevant and valuable content for your audience is the key to your success. Content that serves a purpose beyond a purchase or sale, but rather offers a user a solution to their problem, and will prompt that user to share the information with their online social circles.

Net360 approaches every project with success in mind, and we construct your site with tools handcrafted for success!