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Sometimes a fresh start is all a company needs to gain fresh attention. We don’t mean going so far as rebranding your company; but even small changes – like ‘Spring Cleaning Your Email Marketing Template’ can turn a customer back on to your business, or entice a new customer to finally sit up and take notice of your email efforts.

Rethink Your Subject Line

Imagine you or your staff greeting a customer with not so much as a grunt. In the digital world, the subject line of your email marketing initiatives is the greeting people respond to. That subject line dictates whether or not people will open your email, which is clearly imperative to the success of your email campaign and why we want to prompt you to rethink your subject line.

Always think like a consumer – they want to know “what’s in it for me”. That rule of thumb has never changed, so your efforts need to be tailored to meet that question quickly and in an enticing manner, without the lackluster sales-pitch approach.

Update Your Template

If your subject line has piqued a potential customers interest, you’ve made it through the first round of accomplishments. Next is the actually body of your email – including your content as well as with the appearance of your email.

Images and videos speak a lot more than words – ironically, so offering those will help attract your audience and get them interested in what you have to say.

In addition, white space and immediate benefits are the another enticing way to ensure your email marketing efforts receive a call to action. Whether offering a discount or announcing a promotion – either approach will provide your customers with a reason to buy, even when they had no intention to do so at the start of the day.

At the start of the day, your business wasn’t top of mind – yet, now here they are. Email opened, fingers hovering over the “find out more” hyperlink, ready to purchase their way to happiness because YOU told them just how they could do so at a DISCOUNT.

Email marketing is often underutilized, but by spring cleaning your efforts it offers an affordable and proven way to reach your customers.

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