Social Media Marketing for Christmas: 5 Tips Worth Considering

Yes, it’s true; the holiday season is only 2 months away. Which means the time for setting up your social media marketing for Christmas is now.

According to this study – 38.1% of people start their Christmas shopping before November, which jumps to 69.8% before the 1st December.  So, getting started at the right time matters –  and Net 360 Solutions can help!

Strategizing Your Social Media Marketing for Christmas

Ensuring you are strategizing your marketing matters to ensure the best ROI. This includes your Social Media Marketing for Christmas.

Whether you’re seeking to created awareness of your product or services for potential gift giving ideas, or you have upcoming discounts, promotions or other sales  initiatives – now is the time to begin creating this awareness.

Trends tell us that social media platforms are readily used for consumer referrals. In fact, many buyers prefer to take recommendations from social media platforms to make their buying decisions, making it worth your while to begin shifting your social media to a holiday-season based strategy.

Here’s how…

5 Tips to Align Your Social Platforms With the Christmas Season

  1. Create a Christmas feel – including images used, ideas presented and local outings suggested. Local support for other businesses counts for a lot!
  2. Go beyond ideas such as ‘the 12 days of Christmas’ and surprise potential customers with ‘must haves’ and ‘can’t pass up discounts’. Be the gift that keeps on giving!
  3. Deliver engaging content surrounding the season.
  4. Launch a Christmas themed hashtag campaign.
  5. Create click-through offers related to Christmas gift ideas – especially ones that customers can purchase from your business specifically.

These are just a handful of ways you can help your followers get in the spirit of the season, while keeping your business on task for an opportunity worth tapping into.

How Can Social Media Benefit Your Business?

As discussed on our social media service page, having a presence on any given social media platform can help you…

  • Build your company’s brand name to your target market
  • Increased inbound traffic to your website & social channels
  • Increased customer engagement increases brand authority
  • Promote your products, services, contests, projects, news & more
  • Keep your business ‘top of mind’ rather than your competitors

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