Seeing Out 2015 With Digital Marketing Musts

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving platform of variables, one that has marketers, web designers, copywriters, social media experts – and the likes – continually updating their knowledge in order to stay on top of all the latest ways in which to capture the attention of the online audience, and the various search engines they employ.

At Net360 Solutions, we have seen many changes take place over recent years, months, and even weeks, in both the way people are retrieving information online, and also in the way the online “powers that be” choose to rank your website.

So as we wind down 2015 with these last few months, we want to ensure that you are at least aware of some of the online musts. Whether you choose to spearhead your online agenda of your own accord, or hire an agency such as ours to create a strategy that provides real time results and verifiable data.

Google is not God (although it is likely a close second)

Although everyone looks to be on the first page of a Google search, this is not the only surefire way to be found. Engaging with your audience through other means such as social media, e-newsletters, and website content that is current and offers something of value for your reading audience as an incentive to use your company over the competition, these are all ways in which you be found and utilized.

Get in the Go – Be Mobile

Having a presence online has created an entirely new way for customers to find you, shop your store, and engage with you. But desktop browsing has fallen behind to mobile searches, as the modern user is on the go and has their mobile device in hand at nearly all times. So ensure your company is mobile compatible, and able to capture the attention of those on the run.

Content Must Have’s

Or maybe better put – you “must have content” …if you are going to be seen, heard and found. Not only on Google but also in general terms. Quality content is not a trend, the online community demands it, so ensure you are meeting that demand.

Google, mobility and content …that is our simplified send off must have’s for 2015, and if you require assistance to stay ahead of the never-ending curve, allow us to help. We have the staff who are ready and knowledgeable to keep you current, and have customers finding your store, and consequently – buying your product or services!

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