email marketing

Email marketing is often the forgotten digital marketing tool that we like to inform our clients about. It offers businesses a quick and affordable way to remind customers about their products, services and promotions.

Even without opening an email itself; by creating an eye-catching subject heading, we can still reach your audience and hold a ‘top of mind’ position for future potential buyers, making email marketing a worthwhile investment for businesses throughout the Fraser Valley.

Small Businesses Can Make a Big Marketing Impact

Just because you are a small business, does not mean you have to forego on any of the digital marketing tools available to big-box businesses.

Whether seeking to have a presence on various social media platforms, create a more user-friendly mobile website, add in email or video marketing – or any other number of online tools to round out your marketing efforts; you can do so in an affordable and effective way.

Synergy is important when it comes to digital marketing, and Net 360 Solutions can help create that for you.

Build in a Friendly Reminder Through Email Marketing

Every customer’s email marketing ideals differ, and we understand and appreciate that. If you’re seeking to gather email addresses for your database, we can help through our customer website forms. We offer an e-marketing review and strategy plan for our customers, along with monthly management tools.

In addition, we provide tracking statistics and reports in order to continually improve upon what customers are responding to, ensuring we are providing you with the most cost-effective approach to your email marketing service while delivering on the return on your investment.

Allow us to show you the potential of generating additional sales from new and existing clients through Email Marketing – an affordable and effective way to stay top of mind with your customers over the Christmas season and into 2021. 

Give us a call today at 604-510-0011, and let us know when we can get you started on your Email Marketing in Surrey, Abbotsford, Langley, Vancouver and surrounding areas!