social media trends

Social media is still in its infancy as it pertains to the World Wide Web as a whole, so knowing what it is going to look like as it matures, and what that means to business owners utilizing its massive reach is important. Which is why Net 360 Solutions is here to help you better understand ‘The Predicted Evolution for Social Media in 2018’, as we approach a New Year and look to improve upon our business models to grow business and revenue alike!

The Evolution of Social Media Thus Far

It was only in 2006 that Facebook began building its empire, and Twitter one short year after that. When these social mediums began, they were used primarily as a mean to stay in touch with friends and family, and had no real motive as it pertained to business.

That soon changed, and has literally created a marketing revolution, providing branding abilities beyond what anyone could have ever dreamed possible.

Individuals from all walks of life are now able to create their own brand identity through Facebook, Twitter, and especially YouTube, generating reams of income and become famous for things that were unforeseeable in very recent history.

This democratic online system has allowed individuals, corporations and small businesses alike to become part of a mainstream search engine, and allow people to base their buying decisions off of what their peers and celebrity icons are saying, and not just what high-paid marketing professionals are telling them through traditional print, TV and outdoor advertising platforms.

It is the new “how the west was won” model of doing business, and being a part of it now means doing business with near immediate results, quantifiable data, and referrals unlike the word-of-mouth system of yesteryear.

Rise of Video Marketing – the Social Media Evolution for 2018

It goes without saying that giants such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are going to continue to revolutionize the marketplace; so what then is set to make the biggest impact in 2018? Live video.

Live video is a fast growing trend that allows people to become real-time broadcasters, giving anyone and everyone the ability to showcase whatever it is they choose to market. From promoting a product, to sharing a human experience, to capturing a funny impromptu moment, video is the wave that will help you as a business owner to create a movement within your marketing, and help consumers make their buying decisions at a glance!

At Net 360 Solutions, we’re here to help you with the process that is social media, aiming to assist you in revolutionizing your business with this ongoing social media evolution …one that shows no signs of slowing down! Call us today and talk with one of our marketing experts about options for your business.