A lot of small businesses shy away from being too cutting edge, as they don’t want to step too far out of their comfort zone as it pertains to traditional marketing. Nor do they want to potentially corner themselves into a niche marketplace

However, ever since the Internet came to life, marketing has become increasingly “out of the box” in nature. As company’s wrestle to keep their position on Google, it is more important than ever to utilize every resource out there in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Here are 6 ways we feel you can “get your curve on”, without getting uncomfortably wild…


Be Newsworthy!

Build a database of contacts, and send a monthly newsletter to a focused audience. Ok, that’s nothing new in the generic sense …but use your newsletter to BUZZ about your social media outlets, amazing discounts, must-enter contests, share-worthy content, and trending topics. Less standard – more stand out.

Whether you choose to go with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, or a combination of any/all …don’t get left behind in the social media arena. These platforms create a place for you to get social with your customer base and design a call to action in a convenient “click away” environment.

You’ve Got Mail!

What’s old is new again, and as much as electronic mail is the go-to form of communication, people still enjoy getting actual mail. Perhaps create a cross-promotion with one of your product providers, and have them pay for a mass mail-out promoting their product …while getting people into your store. It’s a win win.

Combine Your Marketing Efforts!

If you utilize traditional media, have your media rep work for you. Many print media reps are scrambling for businesses, so ask them to compile a print media promotion that can generate real-data results. Most print media companies now offer an online presence, so perhaps a print ad, along with an online ad – which links to your site – and a printable coupon mentioning your Facebook page …there is a lot of ways to link-up your advertising efforts …so ask for some legwork and creative options from your rep.

Refresh Ye Old “Open House”

Many businesses offer open houses …especially if they are launching their business, or perhaps even a new product. Again, join forces with one of your product providers, and instead of a “generic open house” …think -you got it- outside the box! Create a theme. Depending on your product or service you can have a lot of fun with an open house turned promotional event.
Become Social Conscious

“Going green” and having socially conscious endeavors are “trendy” sure …but joining the masses and becoming socially conscious also creates another outlet for you to get creative and noticed. This is a great way for small business’s to wrangle some free media coverage, IF you can think of a creative enough way in which to attract attention.

So although it might seem like we left you hangin’ without a lot of detailed ideas to back our concepts …this was simply a springboard of ideas to prompt promotions that would work within your business. At the end of the day, marketing is a creative endeavor …so have fun with it. Grab your box of crayons and starting conceptualizing!