Online promotions are a great way to build an audience and create some viral material surrounding –said- promotion. Choosing an optimal buying time is also key in this process.

No matter if you are a local company, or sell to a global marketplace, your online presence can bring you customers. A great time to generate a global customer though, is during the Christmas season. From Surrey to Sydney, Trail to Thailand …individuals are often looking for unique gifts during the Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday.

Some shop for local brands in support of their community, while others shop for the unique added value you will bring to their gift purchase. Regardless of the reasoning behind a purchase …timing is everything.

This Christmas, Net360 would love to collaborate with you on ways you can ramp up your online presence, and tap into the worldwide customer base. Utilizing your website, in conjunction with your Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest accounts …we can advertise any kind of product (or local service) you have to offer.

Buying times often begin long before the Christmas season does, so get in ahead of the rush, and wrap up your promotional ideas ahead of the competition.