Consumers are endlessly surprised at how many small businesses still don’t have an online presence, or only offer a single landing webpage with minimal content a sole “under construction” image as content.

This is not a “good” surprise however. Rather, it often means the difference between growing as a small businesses, and a large portion of customers not coming to your real-life storefront because your lack of online presence dissuades them from doing so.

What Is An “Online Presence”?
Having a website does not mean you need to be selling anything online. Nor should it mean you simply have a solitary page offering your company address and phone number either.

Your company website should entice customers with information about who you are as a company, why they should buy from or utilize your services, and provide a digital version of the personality behind your business and what it can do for them.

It is literally your welcome mat to invite people to explore your store without even having to leave their home.

Consumers want this, and without such a vital marketing piece, you truly will be losing out on a wider buying audience, as most people will go online to research your company before every setting foot inside your store.

Your Website is a Tireless Employee
Your online presence works for you tirelessly. In fact, it never sleeps!

This means people can call upon your website at any time day or night, and – ideally – find the answers they need, and then make plans to visit you in person at their next available time.

If you do in fact have products you sell, offering them online allows you to reach a worldwide audience, and depending on what it is you’re selling – that could mean an amazing boost to your revenue.

At Net 360 Solutions, we are here to provide you exactly that – solutions. Don’t get left out of the crowds of business you could be acquiring with a well thought-out website. Rather, call us today and let us know how we can help. It is more affordable than you might think, and can have you better building your business in no time!