Having a conversation with your subsequent managers and staff, will help you better define what your customers have been asking for (specific products, types of services, coupons, -or Groupon-type discounts-, discounts, customer loyalty cards etc.), and then help you aptly target your online approach.

Armed with this knowledge, you can inform your online marketing representative in Vancouver on what you understand your customers and clients are responding to. From there, we can work with this type of information, build the online content, and create your marketing agenda from a buyer’s standpoint.

Having too many desired outcomes at one time is not ideal. Although online marketing is imperative for your branding, and it has a definite ability to generate leads, and from those leads – sales, but combining all those outcomes while also trying to increase your customer loyalty, will have your online marketing and content somewhat fragmented.

While you need to cover all these bases, you don’t need to bounce all these balls at one time. If you split up your agenda into 4 equal parts, giving each part a time to do what it needs to do, the other parts will then harmonize with the groundwork you have created for this full-spectrum online marketing agenda.

Taking all 4 parts into consideration (branding, lead generating, lead conversions into sales, and loyalty), lets breakdown how each of these objectives could be approached from an online perspective:


> how many unique visitors are you generating

> how much repeat traffic are you generating

> where is your referring traffic arriving from

> what percentage of this traffic is mobile

> page views, how much time is spent on each page, video views

> eNewsletter and blog subscriptions

Lead Generation

> poll the people coming into your store, where did they hear about you

> are individuals inquiring from you online sources

> what is your online conversion rate

Converting Leads Into Sales

> have you acquired new customers from your online efforts

> what are your top converting pages

> what is the cost of your marketing vs. the increase in sales

Creating a Loyalty Plan

> the loyal 20% of your clients will generate 80% of your sales …offer them a reason to stay

> upsell to them based on valuable discounts

> allow social networking to work for you (coupons, discounts, contests)

> create an eNewsletter that offers rewards

Overwhelmed yet? We’re just getting started! But at the same token – we’re nearly through with your portion 🙂 In our next post we will be uncovering for your, how to align your marketing efforts. Stay with us …the success of your online marketing agenda is nearly complete!