By now, most business have added online marketing to their company’s marketing mix. There are few-to-no other marketing options out there that offer the efficiency, reach, results, and feedback that online marketing can offer a business owner.

At Net360, we take pride in educating our clients about the importance, and ever-emerging trends as it pertains to online marketing. Our desire is to maximize your business efforts, and streamline your marketing initiatives for your company’s optimal revenue and growth.

The array of internet marketing vehicles, tools and techniques will continue to increase, but to help you capitalize on the opportunities, here are what we believe to be the online marketing trends worth mentioning.

Curbside Appeal For Your Online Store

Design matters, because design sells. Communication through visual means is hot, and only getting hotter. Whether the explosion in infographics, or the dramatic rise in the popularity of Pinterest, or the redesigns of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, we are going through a visual revolution.

Make It Mobile

Worldwide, there are over 5 billion mobile users and 1.1 billion Smartphone subscribers specifically. The iPad was the fastest growing technology product to date, so staying connect with your audience via mobile channels is imperative.

Say It Visually

More than 4 billion online videos are watched every day. Sixty-eight percent of video watchers share video links. Typical a person can retain about 10% of text that they’ve read, 65% of an image they’ve seen, or 95% of a video they watched.

We’re a visual species. Work with what works!

Heavy Up On Your Socialite’ing

Facebook has over 1 billion users, and Twitter comes in at a near second with more than 500 million.

Social media is an opportunity for your business, but it’s been difficult for many businesses to make sense of it all and to gain solid business value out of it. However, those numbers speak for themselves and is an outlet is well worth tapping into.

Trends come and go, but at Net360 we believe this team of trends are here to stay!