LinkedIn usage

LinkedIn is one of those “far flung” social media outlets not a lot of small businesses tap into. As with any social media setup and maintenance, it can be daunting to get started, and time-consuming to keep on top of.

Which is why Net 360 Solutions would like to help our readers and clients map their way through the various forums within Digital Marketing, and offer a quick “how to” on utilizing LinkedIn to brand your business.

First – Start Your Own LinkedIn Page

Having your own LinkedIn page is an important first step to connect with people in your industry, making a personal mark before trying to attract individuals and industries to your business page.

LinkedIn is all about staying connected with individuals and industry leaders who can benefit from your business, and you from them in some form. So start the process right by creating a personal profile.

Second – Get Your Employees on Board

Your employees are the second layer of your LinkedIn connections, as you begin to build additional branches to your profile, working your way towards an actual company profile.

It might sound redundant – but people know people, and social media is all about building upon the connections of the people you know, who they know and so forth. So be sure to get the rest of the company on board too before beginning a company page.

Third – Develop Your Company Page

Your company page should be developed in a similar to your website, which includes keywords for SEO purposes. Layers of information that potential and current customers can poke through, linking to other valuable content; all of which is updated regularly to show you are active and your business is current.

A well-developed page will allow people to easily learn about your company, find out about the people who work there, and discover why your business will work for their needs.

Final Finishing Touches – Keep Up With Your Brand Awareness

Top of mind marketing initiatives is needed in order to maintain and attract loyal customers. So be sure to continually offer fresh content that links to your company website – which also aids in boosting your rankings when your company comes up in a Google search.

Sound like a Digital Marketing “wave” you don’t feel comfortable surfing? Net 360 Solutions is here to help! We’re affordable, local, and love helping businesses keep on top of necessary marketing initiatives to attract and maintain clients. So…