Email subscriptions

Capitalizing on your Facebook ads through your email subscriber list, is an excellent way to double your online marketing efforts. And although you don’t want to saturate your willing sign up audience with never-ending sales pitches, offering them targeted and helpful tidbits can have them eagerly waiting on your emails.

Upload Your Email List Onto Facebook

Creating a custom audience via your email list on Facebook, will allow you to better target specific customer types. It will also help to keep your message consistent, and maintain your brand through different.

Promotions, events and contests are always well-received content; so don’t fear sending those types of updates to your entire custom audience list.

Consistency is Key

Keep your message “look” similar within Facebook, as well as your email blasts and other marketing avenues. Branding is intended to imprint a consistent message, making it more memorable for potential customers who are fed a lot of visual material on a daily basis. So consistency is key.

Engaging Content is Vital

Ensure your content is engaging. Content that would be share worthy can up your efforts exponentially if people share it with their friends. Not only does it create an immediate impact to the individuals you are targeting, it also can act through this online reference group doubling as brand ambassador if these people are sharing your content.

So it is truly worth putting in the time and effort to construct brand consistency.

Analyze Engagement Metrics

There are ways to obtain metrics from every online medium you promote your business through, so ensure they are being utilized, and you are altering your message according to interest ratings and what has been effective.

Past interaction is an excellent predictor of future interaction, so use what resonates with your audience, optimizing on your organic reach.

At Net360 Solutions, we are here to help provide you with business solutions, gain you an active audience of potential customers, as well as retain the ones you have. Allow us to help you create a digital marketing plan that will deliver real time results, tested results, and continual results!