Video marketing is exploding in the digital marketing world due to people gravitating towards more easily transferred information, as apposed to reading reams of words on a page. Individuals around the globe now more than ever prefer to tune in to listen to a product or service spiel, often looking for before and after models, or looking to see live-time information.

Whatever the reason behind people preferring video, the fact remains – they do.

Video Marketing – SEO Benefits

Video marketing for your business also helps with your SEO efforts. Videos offer search engines – such as Google – a strong relevance indicator, boosting your search ranking and delivering your content more readily to individuals looking for your company type.

These SEO Video Benefits Include:

  • Three-times the organic inbound links
  • 200-300% increase in your unique viewership
  • 41% higher click-through rates for those searching for your business type

Video Marketing – Easy to Create

Technology advances at lightening speed, and although in recent years it may have been a laborious task to come up with a professional looking video, now it’s a much quicker process to generate a video that will engage your audience and deliver appeal.

Whether using product or service images, or having someone create a short live video, either format can be pulled together quickly and with a quality appeal. It’s truly an excellent and modernized way for your online users to unpackage your company’s information.

At Net360 Solutions, we compile video content that has viral capabilities. Growing, your YouTube audience, engaging your Facebook followers, and generating unique visitors to your site.

Our Video Marketing services include:

  • Pre-production consultation
  • On-site filming
  • Post editing
  • File uploading

Many business owners are quickly discovering that by adding video to their website, their client response is growing, and is influencing their buying decision positively. So allow us to help you create a professional on-site video. Our video creations start at just $495, and can help you gain viewers and increase your client-base!