How to Build Your Brand by Tapping into Your Local Community

Consumers are increasingly seeking ways to give back to their community, and that includes where they shop. Which is an excellent reason to build your brand by tapping into your local community, targeting the customers who are most likely to use your products or services.

Gaining exposure within your buying audience clearly offers business owners the best ROI, and Net 360 Solutions is here to help you maximize and manage that.

As a locally owned and operated digital marketing company in Langley, we can appreciate what goes into running a business. Each of our team members are passionate about what they do, and we understand that other small business owners likely feel the same.

By allowing us to help you build your brand, you will not only be investing in your small business along with ours, you will also be helping to build a strong community of like-minded individuals seeking to support one another. And we’re here to assist in that!

Leverage Your Community to Create Sales

As we discuss in our blog ‘Track Your Digital Marketing Success’, there are advantages to digital relationship marketing, employing your community to create sales through your online platforms.

“It may seem that forming a relationship through a computer screen, tablet or smart phone might be technically impossible and somewhat robotic, but digital relationship marketing is actually the go-to for the buying community of today.

People are looking to their peer groups on Facebook and Twitter to know where to shop, they are looking to websites before making their buying decisions, and they are clicking on YouTube videos to find out how to use your product or service in a way that will best benefit them.

Not only is relationship marketing doable via digital marketing, it is the way in which relationships are first being built in today’s marketplace.”

Overall, you want a deep connection with your customers. Relationships are the tie that binds your customers to your brand, making loyal returning customers.

If your brand is purpose-driven and offers valuable lifestyle benefits, communities of customers will naturally form.

Building a Community that is Loyal to Your Brand is Priceless

Building a loyal group of customers within your community who support your service or products, are worth their weight in gold. These types of brand ambassadors will naturally promote your business via…

  • Word of mouth promotions
  • Social media posts that have the potential to go viral
  • Free advertising through their own personal platforms

How to Create a Loyal Brand Following Within Your Community

First and foremost, potential customers need to know you exist. Which plays a massive and essential role in branding.

So, where are many consumers finding businesses? Online! Especially in our current buying climate; people want options and offering them such options online is key.

As discussed in our blog ‘Why Every Business Needs a Digital Marketing Plan’…
“The modern consumer is well versed in online shopping, whether they are…
  • browsing your in-store selection online
  • seeking out your sales and promotions on Facebook
  • checking out your latest giveaways on Instagram
  • reading your blog for how-to tips directed to them from your email marketing campaign
  • …and more

Your digital marketing plan matters to buyers, and without a presence – you’re missing out on a massive market.”

Other key ways to create a loyal brand following within your community includes:

Bringing Your Community Together – although a little more difficult during Covid, there are creative and mindful ways you can do this. Whether offering free tutorial webinars, forums on social media, or other such digital friendly ‘togetherness ideas’ – helping your customers and community connect matters. This will give them the opportunity to share and discuss your products or service, which is a great way to create and build engagement, along with lasting loyal customers.

Ask for Feedback from Your Community – people want to feel important and heard. So by offering your customers a platform, such as a social media page, where you request their feedback, it will allow them to feel as though your business is transparent and that their business and buying decisions are important to you.

Reward Your Community – small rewards go a long way. So reward your community through recognition on any digital platform you might have. Ask them to speak at an event or be featured as a guest writer on your blog. Or even create a video series highlighting how your product or service works within their daily lives. All of these ideas count towards the good of the community and makes them feel valued.

Appealing to hearts, and not just minds, is the modern marketing method that is making a difference. Not as a ploy, but as genuine service to the community and the customers people serve within that.

Any successful business owner will tell you that the key to growth and retention is loyal customers. In fact, 20% of your customers can make up a whopping 80% of your sales, so being mindful of that is important.

Technology has transformed how we do business, and making a static platform a personalized experience is important. We’re here to help you do that through a variety of our digital marketing services in Langley, providing powerful digital marketing solutions tailored to your business and budget!

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