The collaborative efforts of digital marketing offer many affordable ways to help your business stay top of mind and increase your “like-ability” overall when used effectively.

Social media and email marketing are just two parts of the matrix that make up digital marketing, but two very effective ways in which to reach your end users.

How can these mediums help grow your business? Allow us to explain…

Top 2 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Business
1. Promoting your brand is perhaps the most important factor to retaining and growing your customers base, and with social media being the modern “word-of-mouth” go-to source, it has taken the global community by storm in this way. People look to their friends on Facebook, Twitter and other such sites to see where they are buying from and what they are liking based on personal experience, so by promoting your business through social media – you have the potential for far reaching branding capabilities and trusted referrals.

2. The second best way in which social media can be utilized is to-the-minute sales and promotion offers. Because social media is updated in real time, you can post a sale, promotion, contest, giveaway, event – or any such type of thing at any given time. The more often you offer something of value on your social media site, the more likely people are going to be looking to it as they plan their purchases. These types of incentives and calls to action are a very effective way to reach a highly targeted market as you see fit.

Top 2 Ways Email Marketing Can Grow Your Business
Email marketing can work hand-in-hand with all your other digital marketing initiatives, and add to your business branding and reminder pool. For years big box stores have been using the power of email marketing to keep in regular contact with their existing and prospective customers, and so can you!

1. Email marketing is an excellent way to educate your readers on a valuable piece of information that can help them better understand your product or service, or give them an additional use for it they may not have known of. By using an enticing subject line, and quickly getting to the point within your email marketing campaign, you will be able to capture your audience’s attention, retain it, and bring them to the point of a purchasing decision effectively.

2. Email marketing is also an effective means to provide sales, promotions, coupons and other such things in which to entice your target audience to contact you for business. In addition, it’s an effective way for your business to stay top of mind with your existing and potential customers, all of which has the potential to provide a high ROI when executed correctly.

*Note – be sure your email campaigns follow Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation Laws – Read More Here

Whether you are a new business just starting out, or one that has been in business for years but are looking for a fresh approach – Net 360 Solutions can help you with your Social Media or Email Marketing services, and take you from seeking to selling seamlessly!

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