In the digital marketing arena here in 2016, video marketing is still being largely underutilized by businesses, and for a variety of reasons. Which is why, at Net 360 Solutions, we wanted to help business owners better understand the advantages of video marketing and how you can begin reaching a broader audience with this powerful branding and advertising tool.

Video Marketing Helps Improve Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization – or SEO as it’s normally referred to – plays a large role in how readily your company information comes up on any given search engine such as Google. And because Google looks for a variety of factors when arriving at rankings, it is important to utilize as many as you can to rank well.

Video Marketing is an Engaging Method to Inform Customers
How you choose to get your message across varies from company to company, as your brand is as individual as your company is. Which means your company message will carry with it an overall tone based on your brand, a variety of sales objectives and promotional factors within that.
Video offers potential clients a fresh, user-friendly way to view a vast array of messages as you see fit. Whether that’s a sale or promotion, a specific service that is better explained via video, or any other area you wish to help your viewing audience understand your company in a way that benefits them.

Video Marketing can be Simple and Affordable
Small businesses tend to avoid implementing video marketing as there is a misconception that it’s complicated and costly. However, the creative process behind creating videos has become very streamlined, and does not need to use up any of your time or interrupt your business at all. Company images, before and after shots, cartoon videos or other creative content can be utilized to make an engaging video that will help people better understand your products or services, while offering an additional way to express a company objective.

Our Video Marketing services include:
• Pre-production consultation
• On-site filming
• Post editing
• File uploading

Many business owners are quickly discovering that by adding video to their website, their client response is growing, and is influencing their buying decision positively.

So allow Net 360 Solutions to help you create professional videos for your business as you see fit, gain viewers and increase your client-base. Our videos start at just $595 …so contact us to get yours started today!