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Google is by far the most popular and frequently used search engine in the world. Millions of people use Google’s search engine every day to help them find the information they need. Not only that, but Google is constantly tweaking and testing their search engine algorithm to ensure they give people the exact information they are searching for.

Hence their move from Google Place, to Google+. Google+ is often overlooked when creating a new business listing, as business owners are simply not aware of the benefits.

What does Google+ mean to your online initiatives, compared to the “late” Google Places?

  • It looks better

  • You can share links, videos, and anything else in a posts feed, much like Facebook

  • All the data and reviews from Places pages were migrated over to Plus

  • The review system got an overhaul (improved rating system, no more anonymous reviews, etc.)

  • You can assign multiple managers to manage a Google Plus Local Business page, and you can give another person ownership

Despite the benefits, the majority of businesses still haven’t made the move to managing their Google listings on Google+.

Granted, it’s hard for most business owners to keep up with Google’s ever-changing platforms, as we mentioned. That’s where Net360 comes in. We ensure that your online goals are in-line with the latest Google agenda. Google Places still exists, but it is not expected to go on working indefinitely.

The Google+ advantage compared to Google Places also boasts of no service interruption, a more modern interface, social network integration, and multi-user management.

As with blogging and social media …your online goals are to be mentioned, talked about, linked to, liked, shared, pinned etc. Any opportunity to gain exposure is an opportunity worth harnessing – and Google+ is that added opportunity.

Ask us how we can include Google+ in your online agenda, and help you further grow your business!