Google AdWords or Local Search Marketing: Measure Your Success!

Local Search Marketing

Whether you’re seeking Google AdWords or Local Search Marketing (or both) – you can measure your success, and Net 360 Solutions can help!

Google AdWords Explained

If you are seeking to diversify your digital marketing beyond search engine optimization, social media and blogging – Google AdWords is an excellent way to instantly give your business highly targeted exposure to your specific demographics.

A Google search is intended to bring up the products or services a potential customer is seeking, and Google AdWords better guarantees that will happen through paid placement.

Much like paid social media marketing; Google AdWords are able to measure and modify their display advertising while gathering highly measurable data. From who is clicking on your ads, including age, gender, location – and more.

So how can your business benefit from Google Ads? As mentioned on our services page, it can…

  • Increase & reinforce your business brand
  • Instantly advertise to your target customers
  • Benefit from Google’s massive audience
  • Customize & modify your ad budget ongoing
  • Create unique ads for different customer types


Local Search Marketing (GMB)

Being found online within a local competitive marketplace, is imperative to any business owner. And that is especially true for small businesses trying to vie for position.

Local search marketing is designed to increase your company’s exposure within the local areas you serve. Ensuring your business is visible on Google My Business (GMB), will also better ensure it stands out locally from your competitors.

Ensuring your business is being found, with convenient added content such as:

– what time you are open

– your phone number

– a direct link to your address and website

…all matter to a busy, on-the-go consumer.

So …DOES your business appear prominently in local searches?

With Google My Business You Can…

  • Be found easily by customers searching locally
  • Stand out from your local competitors
  • Be certain your business is found on Google Maps
  • Provide multiple options for locals to contact your business
  • Optimize conversions from your Google My Business page


Whether you are seeking Google AdWords or Local Search Marketing – Net 360 Solutions is here to help and look forward to showing you how measured success can work!

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