Email marketing has been around for quite some time, and a lot of businesses continue to send out the eNewletter that has “always worked” for them.

But does that newsletter continue to engage your audience? To get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, ensure your content is current, relative, and impactful.

By creating engaging content, and prompting your newsletter audience to connect in other ways (i.e. Facebook, YouTube etc), this will give them an opportunity to stay engaged on a daily basis, and not simply read about what’s new in your store only on a month to month basis.

Although it is called a news “letter” …having reams of content within it will have your subscribers clicking out of your letter before they get to the good stuff. “What’s in it for me” …that’s what they want to know. So make your coupons, promotions, upcoming events etc front and center. Don’t make them DIG for the call to action content.

Also, choose topics that are trend-worthy, or community based, or engaging on a level that isn’t the norm. Day-in-day-out information is humdrum …engage your audience.

…and by engaging your audience you will also RETAIN them. It is much harder to acquire new subscribers, than keeping the ones you have. So make each newsletter count.

If you need help creating engaging and current content – Net360 is here to help!