Your website is your first point of contact in the digital arena for your clients or pending clients to view your business. A website offers an online place-of-business for people to come, look, read, and experience your product or service in a way they can -ideally- experience.

Firstly, one should understand that having a flashy site is not priority #1. You of course want to draw people to your website, so yes – the esthetics are important. But you don’t want to lose important ranking “points” by not having the content necessary to back up your website, and you don’t want to lost out on the opportunity to utilize it as a platform to accurately explain your product or service.

Visitors who come for a glance, and then click on to the next service provider, often due so because they simply can’t find the written description of what it is you do or offer.

So although a welcoming site is important, an engaging and easy to map site is key.

Adding pages and links to your site that offer other avenues for your client-base (or pending client-base) to stay informed, gives your company a constant front-and-center spotlight for individuals to choose from.

Blogs and social media sites are a great way in which to do this. They offer your site a personality, and also give visitors the opportunity to click on your Facebook link (or other social media options) and stay connected with you. This self-propelled agenda to invite your business into their daily online routine is incredibly powerful.

From that point, converting your customers from viewers to clients is -of course- what every business needs to do in order to thrive. Back in the day it was about word of mouth, and that truth remains consistent today. But modern word of mouth now includes social media forums. This powerful outlet has the ability to go viral and spread in a way no other medium has been capable of, previous to the 10-year reign of Facebook …now boasting of 1.2 billion users.

By creating an attractive website that is impactful, engaging, and easy to map is one of the many services we offer. Creating an inviting Home page, an informative About page, a “click-of-the-button” Contact page, a sign up page for your e-Newsletter (if you so choose), and of course your easily accessible buttons to send your site visitors on to your outside links …all these things combined are ways in which to draw in and keep your audience around in order to truly get to the core of your products and services, and also have them signing up for more!

We operate as a “small business” in order to keep our costs low and pass these savings on to you, but within that – we also offer all the capabilities of large business demands in digital media.

At Net360, we truly has the tools and technology to keep you ahead of the curve, and customize your needs accordingly …we look forward to hearing from you and helping you move from the static pile, to a lineup of engaged “call to action” clients!