Digital Marketing Strategies

Summer is a beautiful time for families and friends to enjoy gatherings around the BBQ, head off to the beach for a swim, or just generally enjoying the warm weather around the Lower Mainland.

However, for local businesses – summer can be a little lackluster as it is often a much slower buying season. Which is why we want to share these ‘Digital Marketing Strategies for Summer’, and help your business better ensure it is capitalizing on your #1 Employee – your website!

Ensure Your Website is ‘On the Go’ Friendly

Everyone is ‘on the go’ over the summer months, with places to go and people to see. Which is why your website should be mobile compatible, allowing consumers to find you no matter their location.

Did you know that over 84% of Canadians utilize the Internet regularly? And out of that 84%, the numbers are incredibly high for those utilizing the Internet on a mobile device.

Think of your own search history – are you on the couch using your phone to find information, or do you jump up to reboot the computer when an “impulse buy” hits you?

People are on the go, and as such, they are using their phones to find your business. So ensure you can be found on a mobile device, and consumers aren’t stumbling onto an archaic site that has them opting out and choosing your mobile-friendly competitor.

Ensure You’re Being Social

It’s actually shocking how some major companies still do not have a consistent presence on social media. The thought behind this might be “we’re big enough”, but even global GIANTS – such as Coke, McDonalds and other such empires – still advertise in a variety of marketing outlets.

No one is ever too big, and with social media taking the platform as one of the biggest influencers for buying decisions, ensure you have a presence and that someone is consistently contributing to your page. It’s affordable, effective – and we’re here to help as needed!

Are you a local business looking for ways to help your company maintain it’s “business as usual” growth over the summer months? Now is not the time to pull back on your marketing budget; rather, it is THE time to invest in it.

Become a frontrunner in your industry by helping those bustling about over the summer season, find you on their mobile device, on their social newsfeed, and in-person!