Blog Content Creation

At Net360 Solutions, we understand that creative content counts for a lot where Google – as well as readers – are concerned. Blogs that offer “searchable” key phrases to increase your SEO content, in addition to interesting topics that hold a readers interest, combined with providing valuable information for your viewing audience …is all imperative in the creative writing process.

That is why we curate content that captures attention, while displaying for Google that your website content is always fresh and being pushed out to various social media sites. Once it goes live on sites such as: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, this content should be “click-worthy”, and have viewers wading through your various pages that this content is linked to.

Online Marketing, More Than Objectives

Whether it’s online marketing or “old school” marketing …there is always marketing objectives involved. Companies want to see a rate or return for their investment dollars – period.

Traditional media sometimes has a difficult time is displaying how their advertising methods are working for their clients, unless they utilize point of purchase discounts (such as coupons) that the storeowner can refer to.

However, with an online medium, we have charts and graphs and specific data tracking abilities that allow us to break down demographics, and can even target psychographics to a degree. We can gauge whether your website viewer is new or a repeat “customer”, how long each person is staying on each website page, their click-through habits …and a myriad of other analytics.

Keep in mind though, that tangible objectives are no longer the only key component in online marketing. As much as they are important, taking the time to talk to your customers about where they saw your company advertised, whether or not they have joined your Facebook page, what news and discounts they have found relevant on your blog – amongst other topics of discussion – is still an important part in extending the relationship marketing tools past the computer screen and into real time.

This is a step most businesses falter on, as employees and owners alike do not want to infringe on their customers “right to silence”. But honestly, people are now starving for human interaction. This small window of opportunity – when a customer enters your company doors – allows you a moment to connect, make an impact, and gain valuable information you might not have …had you kept silent.

At Net360 Solution a lot of what we do is “silent”, in terms of words on a screen that speak volumes without making a sound. We want to create the conversation piece through our blogs and social media content, that you can then utilize once your customers come knocking.

Amidst our social media and marketing objectives, let’s not forget to be actively social in a real-time setting!