There are mixed opinions as to whether or not people read what’s on any given website. We can tell that kind of information by how long any visitor stays on a page – knowing how much content that page contains, and converting that info into actual data.

That is why having concise content is key in your online marketing plan. Being able to deliver your product or service in a “at a glance” kind of format, and offering multiple pages and platforms for viewers to see, read, watch etc, it key key key!

There is an art to creating a “tone” to a site that offers an inviting, engaging and interactive environment. Your online audience can quickly get a feel for your business based on what your say in the limited space you have, and within the pages contained on your website.

Great content converts lookers into buyers. The quicker you can engage your audience and draw them into your actual store, or have them calling your place of business, or prompt them to sign up to your newsletter, or have them liking your Faebook page …all these factors count in building the online side of your business.

If you offer something unique, be sure to have that front and center. Anything to set you apart from your competition counts. Socially conscious endeavors. Environmentally friendly pursuits. Charity. Pay-it-forward initiatives. All of these things resonate with today’s audience, so keep that in mind when relaying your content details.

Everyone has a unique story, and as much as we would love each and every reader to take the time to read over pages written passionately about the business or product you love …the truth is, most people will skim at best. So ensure the cream of what your business offers is what rises to the top, so that everything an online visitor is skimming over, is the true essence of your service, and the best quality of what you provide.

At Net360, we help create a positive experience for your online audience, and offer a voice that communicates effectively, but with minimal words. Filling up pages such as your blog with the more “wordy” and keyword rich content that counts for both SEO purposes, as well as provides a place for those truly interested in the CORE of your business to read on.

Build it and they will come. If you have a website, you have a place for people to come and gain insight into your product or service. Allow us to help you make that place worth visiting, and resulting in a call to action!