Social Media Marketing Services

Content hashtags are hashtags you use in your blog posts, and don’t always have to necessarily rank high in popularity, nor do they need to be trending; rather they are simply hashtags that relate to your content overall, helping to improve your SEO.

Why Use Content Hashtags

The purpose behind a blog post differs for each company, but one area in which it should not differ is within the SEO enhancement of your content. No content on your website should be mere “dribble”. Rather, it should always contain something of value, and help Google recognize your company as a quality site delivering quality content and bringing in quality viewers.

What Hashtags Should You Use

Your business type will depend on the type of hastags you will use within your content. Depending on if you are selling a product, or if you deliver lifestyle information, or host events, or even if you want to be recognized for your location based on geo-targeting …all these areas will play a part in your hashtag content, and help those searching for your business type find you.

Don’t Spam Your Hashtags

Spamming was never a reputable or popular method when creating your online content, and now more than ever Google frowns upon such tactics, and will actually flag your company if you are over-infringing on any one area of search engine optimizing. So have class with your hashtagging habits, and use them sparingly, but effectively.

At Net360 Solutions, we want to help you use hashtags effectively, whether that be to brand your business or market your campaign, join in on trending topics or use them to target your core group of end users. If you feel this is an area beyond your scope of knowledge, we have a team in place that can help you with your social media marketing at an affordable price, and get you on the right track in this regard.

So give us a call …and let us know how we can help!