Considering Designing Your Own Website? Advice On Why You Shouldn’t

At Net 360 Solutions, we are all for promoting business solutions to companies across the Lower Mainland and are here to help you understand the best digital marketing methods to utilize.

However, when it comes to designing your own website – we truly want to caution you on the pitfalls this could create for your business moving forward, while also offering you advice on why you might not want to proceed with a DIY website.

The Cost of Wasted Time

When creating your own website from a ‘free’ website platform – what you have to realize is that you’re creating a page (or multiple pages) that will help potential customers find you, but this is only true if they know EXACTLY where to look. Meaning, a DIY Website is not going to be a Google-friendly web page that has any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities built into it.

Although designing your own website might seem cost-effective to you in the short term; in the long run, you could very well be spending a lot of time creating pages of content that will not convert in the way you had hoped.

Affordable Professional Website Creation in Langley

Instead of moving ahead with the time-consuming efforts of a DIY website that might not pay off, why not opt for an Affordable Website Package that will ensure the best outcome with the least effort?

Our team of professional designers will create a fresh new website for your business that is professionally built using the latest website technologies.

Professional Website Creation in Langley – Standard Features Include:

  • Custom Designed Website Pages
  • Professional ‘User-Friendly’ Layout
  • Programmed with ‘Google Friendly’ Language
  • Custom Home Page Banner
  • Contact Form & Business Location Map
  • Pre-Completion Website Revisions
  • 3 Custom Email Addresses if Hosted With Us

Owning and running a business comes with a lot of responsibility and multiple ‘hats’, so adding an entirely new skillset with website creation, along with the social media upkeep and keeping your website fresh – all adds up to far more than a simple website creation. This is why we want to caution you against this before you begin, saving you both time and money.

Read Our ‘Top 10 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Website and then get started today with a professional website built by our team of programming experts. We’re ready to help and happy to offer our Digital Marketing Services in Langley!

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