Trends tend to be, well …trendy. They come and go and few have lasting power. However, creating a trend -even for a limited amount of time- is an excellent way to generate great exposure. And with the viral nature of social media, your trend has the potential to spread like wildfire.

So how do you create a trend?

If any of you have had the opportunity to read The Tipping Point, you will know that creating a trend is not a sure thing. No on knows FOR SURE what will stick and what won’t. What we do know, are people’s buying habits, their human reaction to emotional content, and their innate desire to want to be part of something “more”.

So firstly, your idea has to be backed by passion. You have to fuel the fire that is going to make it spread “wild”. You are going to need to convince a smattering of people of its validity, and get media involved on many levels.

If social media has anything to say about it – and it does- the message is clear  …people want to be unique. They also want to be the first in their flock of friends to jump on the bandwagon on an interesting idea, or a buzz worthy product or service. So create a culturally diverse trend.

Once you have your trend-worthy idea in place, create a full-scale online campaign surround your idea. From banner ads on your website, to Facebook content, a blog buzzing about your trend, a YouTube video, Pinterest images …whatever accounts you hold, utilize them. Set your online presence ablaze with your idea, and take your trend-worthy dreams to the masses.

Be the influence, but be open to discussion and feedback. Allowing your audience to have a voice is also part of being trend-worthy. So don’t fear backlash …it’s an opportunity to dispel any misconceptions, gain trust, and offer advice

Be the inspired, and watch your product or service become the inspiring!