When you have an online presence, you have a global audience. But often times trying to appeal to such a large audience base can have your local buyers heading to impersonal chain stores to make their purchases.

That is why it is imperative for local stores to stay in touch with their local community. To talk about local events on their blog posts and Facebook accounts, to cross-promote with other local businesses, to participate in local school fundraisers. Having a global presence is a given on the www …but don’t lose sight of the community who will likely produce the majority of your customer base.

When you blog, don’t feel you have to only generate content about your product or service. Throw in a local community listing every now and then. Facebook is also a good outlet for this. Show that you care about the community you live in, and watch your customer base follow suit.

> Talk about shopping locally, and how your business promotes local industry.

> Invite local artists to participate in your customer appreciation events.

Every business would love to hit the jackpot of global recognition, but on your road to getting there, keep your neighbours returning to your business by showing them you care about your community.