Having a user-friendly, mobile-ready, attractive website for your local buying audience is an imperative part of modern day marketing. And at Net 360 Solutions – we’re here to help you create exactly that, offering you these ‘‘Back-to-School’ Basics for Your Local Website’ so you’re properly equipped for the season ahead!

Local Websites Need to Think Local

Buying local is big business right now, and as such, having a website targeting your local buying audience is very important. From the written content created that puts a personality behind your brand, to the social media maintenance that keeps customers aware of local events, promotions and “how to’s” about your product or service; this will collectively ensure your customers are receiving the information that matters to them, and not stumble upon a site created in an area unfamiliar with cultural norms and needs here in the Lower Mainland.

Hiring a local Digital Marketing Company – such as Net 360 Solutions – can help you affordably update your website and maintain your social media sites, keeping them humming along with current marketing measures and implementations as they happen.

Mobile Websites Matter A LOT!

If you are unsure what a mobile website is, it may be likely that your business is not set up accordingly.

Having a mobile website is vital for consumers today, allowing these busy buyers to locate your business on their cell phones and reach you at a moments notice.

If you have yet to invest in a mobile friendly website, Net 360 Solutions can affordably create a solution to this business roadblock, and ensure your website is useful for those coming to it.

Our team of professional designers will create or update your website, and include:

  • Custom Designed Website Pages
  • Professional ‘User-Friendly’ Layout
  • Programmed with ‘Google Friendly’ Language
  • Custom Home Page Banner
  • Contact Form & Business Location Map
  • Pre-Completion Website Revisions
  • 3 Custom Email Addresses if Hosted With Us

We offer a no charge consultation and free analysis of your current site, as well as design ideas for all of your digital marketing initiatives.

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