Algorithms basically gather information through a complex mathematical system in order to verify who is being searched for where, and why. And Google uses algorithms, much like other lesser-known search engines do, to qualify and quantify data.

It’s a confusing process at best without a Computer Science Degree, and to add to the confusion, the criteria is constantly changing, arbitrarily choosing which content ranks highest in the SERPs (search engine results page). Likely to keep the computer geniuses from tricking it to benefit their clients with fallible “guarantees”.

Although, Google is not the only source using algorithms. Facebook, Twitter, and other such variable search and social forums now also utilize this data in order to target the right people with the right information, tailoring digital marketing effectiveness like never before.

Granted, most people have no need to understand algorithms, they just simply need to be “understanding” of them, in terms of – they’re there, and your digital marketing representative will use them to your advantage.

Verifiable Conversions – CRO

CRO stands for “conversion rate optimization”. It is the process whereby you optimize your site in order to maximize the number of conversions from site visitors to actual purchasers.

It involves split testing, and having a solid understand of how and/or why your online audience is buying. What exactly is prompting them. You’re capitalizing on that 80/20 rule, where if 20% of your viewers are buyers, you are targeting those end users more readily, and maximizing on their interest. A worthwhile trend for certain.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a newer term for “grass roots marketing” basically. It is a process of using creative analytical thinking, in order to gain or grow an audience largely through affordable means such as social media.

If all this digital jargon has your head spinning – we get it. Computer speak is not for everyone, but having a digital marketing company who can represent you with a firm understanding of constant and growing trends, will better help you stay current, found, and utilized for 2015 and beyond. So call us today, and allow us to help you stay current!