We are all very aware of the hyper-filtered world we now find ourselves in. From online filters to political filters, we have filtered every blemish off our faces and records as we sit fit. And although “a picture says a thousand words” is an age-old quote by Fred Barnard of Printers’ Ink in 1927, this adage still rings true – filtered or not.

Why Image (in the online world) is Everything

The digital imagery representing your company should never be overlooked. Where once an employee – such as the Receptionist, was the face, voice and forefront personality of a company; now it is your website that does much of the talking (representing) for you.

From the images you use, to the content that is written, to the page layout and links within them, your online image means everything to your online customers, and as such, should be crafted by a company who cares about your local presence because they understand local buyers – such as Net 360 Solutions!

A Website is a Digital Storefront

Just as you wouldn’t have the actually front of your store in disarray, nor the interior of your store cluttered and unappealing, neither should you have a website that is disheveled in any way.

The images on your website equates to the equivalent of 37 percent+ of a buyers attention, that counts for a lot and should not be overlooked – and Net 360 Solutions is here to ensure it isn’t!

Mobile Friendly Matters – A LOT!

Did you know that if your website fails to load quickly enough, people will click off your site and head to your competitors? Which is why we cannot stress enough that mobile friendly sites are imperative for gaining on-the-go customers. Your images, along with your website, need to be mobile ready in order to be mobile friendly – and we can help with that too.

Optimize Imagery to Maximize SEO

The “backend” of online images matter too. Meaning, how your images are tagged and whether you use a URL – among other tech-savvy “things”, all play a part in whether your images are offering your website more than just a pretty face.

The fact remains, 1927 to now, that images speak a thousand words – on the front end visually, and on the backend technically. So give us a call, and allow us to help your site speak to the image you wish your company to portray, and help customers choose YOU over the competition!