Instagram is a social media outlet that not all business owners consider utilizing for their company. It is often thought of as a place where 20-somethings convene and share images of their latest and greatest “something-or-other”.

The truth is though that Instagram – among many other social media outlets, is where people are going to seek a company out, so failing to be on such a website could have you losing out on a certain demographic of consumers for your product or service …and here’s why!

Pictures Speak Where Words Stay Silent
As the saying goes “a picture says a thousand words”, and with the limited attention span of many consumers today, an image can really make a quick statement without saying a word, as images tend to be able to convey an emotion that words often cannot.

The Power of Group Participation
Acquiring followers can be a fairly slow process, but a trickle can quickly turn into a waterfall of interested followers if their friends like what you’re posting, as well as if your hashtags relate to their arena of interests. In today’s marketplace, the correct power of suggestion plays a big role in marketing, and peer influence in these types of social settings is part of that.

Instagram Offers Personality
Conveying the personality of your company is important in the online world, so having various outlets to show humour, compassion, community participation and other such things, is huge to those seeking out your business. And make no mistake about it – this is exactly how people seek out businesses today, so ensure you’re relevant and being found!

Trust is Still a Factor
Just as with business practices of yesteryear where relationships meant everything, so too is it a vital part of today’s business practices. People are looking for connection, but don’t necessarily want to do that in person. Whether it’s a time-constraint issue or a distance factor, people still want to research your company from the comfort of their office desk or home recliner, and by having a social media outlet where people can interact openly and freely, it shows your business is not afraid to do the same, which is well-received by the public looking to gain trust in your company.

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