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Choosing a Vancouver SEO services company can be challenging… so why choose us? Simply because we’re affordable experts with proven results.

Hello and welcome to Net 360 Solutions, a BC based SEO and Internet Marketing company. We specialize in SEO (search engine optimization) services for small and medium size companies. Whether you’ve just started the process of looking for an SEO company, or you’re looking to replace your current SEO company, the task of choosing a Vancouver SEO services company can be a difficult one. Understanding the concept of SEO is one thing, but fully understanding what to look for when sifting through the numerous Vancouver SEO companies is another. If you’re considering investing in SEO services you want to be certain the SEO company you choose will be able to produce the results they promise, and not charge you a fortune in the process.Vancouver SEO services

There are many things to consider when choosing the right SEO company, so to help you in your decision we’ve outlined some of more important points (in no particular order):

(1) References, references, references. Make sure the SEO company can provide you with references, or examples of the companies they’re currently doing SEO work for, including the search words they are ranking them for, and where in Google they are positioned. Just telling you how good they are isn’t enough…you need proof they can deliver.

(2) Google Page #1 rankings…A MUST! If you’re not on page #1 of Google then you’re wasting your money on SEO services. Statistics show that over 94% of the “search result clicks” on Google are on the first page, so you should have some sort of assurance that you will get Page #1 rankings from the Vancouver SEO services company you choose (you can also use their client examples as an indicator of their abilities).

(3) Prices and payment structures. There are different payment structures offered, and a wide range of prices charged. First we’ll discuss payment structures. Some SEO firms will charge a larger amount at the beginning of a project to get your website positioned in the Google results pages, and once that’s done they’ll charge an ongoing monthly amount to maintain your position. Many business owners find this a difficult payment option. Giving a large lump sum of money to an SEO firm they haven’t established a relationship with yet requires a leap of faith, not to mention that coming up with a lump sum is not always easy.

There are a handful of Vancouver SEO services companies, such as ours, that don’t require a lump sum of money upfront. Instead the costs are spread out over time, making it much more affordable, and allowing you time to establish a working relationship with the SEO company.

As for SEO pricing many SEO firms will charge what they calculate the value of the SEO services are to that particular client. For example a business in an industry that makes substantial profits from each one of their clients would be charged more for SEO services than a business in an industry that earns less profits from their clients.

At Net 360 Solutions our pricing is not based on the profits a company makes from their clients. Instead our rates are based on a fair evaluation of the Clients industry, the competitiveness of the chosen search terms, and what will be involved for us to get them onto Google Page#1. This way you’re not paying more for SEO services just because you’re earning more per client.

(4) Off-shore vs. local SEO companies. Another important question to ask your Vancouver SEO services company is do they farm out much of their work to off-shore companies, or is it handled locally. The challenge with using off-shore companies is that some will use practices that are considered “black-hat” by Google (not good!). Although you may see good SEO results initially, over time Google will eventually penalize these “black-hat” practices AND the website they were used for…YOURS! If this happens your website can be either completely removed from showing up in Google results, or can be pushed far far down the list, requiring a huge amount of work, time and money to get you back up. Be certain that you’re dealing with a company that uses only “white-hat” techniques (the good kind) for SEO’ing your website.Vancouver Search Engine Optimization services

(5) Business experience. Lastly, does the SEO company understand business. Many Vancouver SEO companies are made up of ‘techies’ that may be able to get you results, but can they help you to maximize them? It’s one thing to drive a ton of new traffic to your website, but are you set up to make the most of that new traffic? If a store in a shopping mall cannot attract people inside, or convert their shoppers into paying clients, it won’t matter how many people are shopping in the mall or their store, they will still get the same results. The same goes for your business online. You need experienced professionals that can help you achieve maximum results.

At Net 360 Solutions our team of SEO experts have years of business experience and can help increase your bottom line, driving targeted traffic to your business, while helping you convert that traffic into buyers. We hope this information will be helpful to you when selecting a Vancouver SEO services company to work with, and of course we hope that you will consider choosing Net 360 Solutions.


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