How To Access & Add Users To Your Google Business Profile

To access your ‘Google Business Profile’ Page formerly known as ‘Google My Business’ & add new users, refer to the steps below. 

This access allows you to add new users, change your business hours, and much more. (sample Google Business Profile page below).

To begin you will need to access your Google Business Profile Page by going to the website address

Once on the page click the ‘sign in’ button at the top right. You will need to sign in with the google/gmail account that was used to create the account (ie. [email protected] or a company email address if your business emails are routed through Google), OR if you’ve been added as an ‘owner’ to the account using another Google email address then you can use that to login.

Once you have logged into the Google account you will see your business listing on the Google search page.

You can then click the 3 dots (easy to miss) located to the right of your listing (see photo below). Then a drop-down menu will appear – click on ‘Business Profile settings’

then click on the ‘Managers’ link (see image below)

then click the ‘Add’ link (see image below)

then enter the new users email address and select the ‘Owner’ or ‘Manager’ option below depending on the access the user requires. 

If you are the one who created the account you would likely be listed as the ‘Primary Owner’. You can have only one ‘Primary Owner’, but you can have multiple users with ‘Owner’ or ‘Manager’ access. An ‘owner’ can add other users but can’t delete the ‘Primary Owner’.

To learn more about profile owner & manager roles click HERE to read information posted by Google.

Once you click the ‘Invite’ link an email will be sent to the new user’s email address notifying them they have been invited to manage your ‘Google Business Profile’ Page. If they don’t see the invite email be sure they check all their email folders including the Spam and Trash folders. They will need to accept the invitation before being able to access.

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